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This site is built using Nikola, and uses a background pattern from Subtle Patterns. Fonts used in the headers are Ma Shan Zheng and Gentium Book Plus, both available from Google Fonts. The header image is taken from the lovely hardcover Taiwanese printing of Sha Po Lang.


I am only one person who lives half a world away from China, so there's plenty of stuff related to Sha Po Lang that I don't have easy access to, so I welcome outside contributions! These must either be your own work, or sourced from official accounts or vendors.

Things I'd love to have:

  • Translations, both of the novel and adaptions and of things like interviews or blog posts from priest or people who worked on adaptations
  • Cosplay
  • Fan crafts (such as fan binding, handmade dolls, your own fan merch, etc)
  • Photos or scans of print editions (and extras) not well-represented in the galleries
  • Photos of official merchandise not well-represented in the galleries
  • Shareable graphics resources (templates, icons, emoji, etc)
  • Meta essays

At the moment I'm not planning on hosting traditional fanart or fanfic, as there's already large sites dedicated to that (see the links page!) but this may change in the future.




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